introducing stabilizing repair cream

Clinically proven to help stop sensitive skin within 1 week*

Ultra-soothing actives calm on contact – helping to break the pattern of sensitive skin as they immediately comfort and help skin become more resilient over time.

Balmy-cream formula melts into skin to quickly alleviate redness and help prevent future irritation.
Formulated using a blend with Resurrection Plant, Tasmania Lanceolota extract, and Boerhavia
Diffusa Root, it quickly reduces redness and discomfort.
A proprietary Ceramide-Building Complex provides nourishing lipids, strengthening skin’s barrier to lock in moisture and help keep signs of sensitivity at bay.
Ideal for sensitive or reactive skin.


stabilizing repair cream



  • Soothes skin on contact
  • Repairs lipid barrier
  • Strengthens skin to help keep signs of sensitivity at bay

how does it work?

  • Ceramide-Building Complex quickly reduces redness and discomfort
  • Cica helps balance skin's moisture content
  • Resurrection Plant reduces the appearance of redness, hydrates and strengthens

clinically proven to help stop sensitive skin within 1 week*

*see a reduction in redness, irritation, and itchiness within 1 week.
Independent clinical test, 31 subjects,
2 applications/day for 8 weeks.

pro calm

Visibly calms and reduces redness. Now with NEW Stabilizing Repair Cream

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want to learn more about the skin's barrier?

Learn everything you need to know about repairing and caring for your skin's natural barrier.

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