a message from our CEO

COVID-19 has greatly impacted our industry. Skin therapists have had to close their doors, and customers have been unable to receive services which are important for their health, well-being and sense of community.

The good news is, we've stepped up to lead the industry back to a “new normal,” and help spas and salons across our industry do the same.

We recently made free training on our new Principles of Enhanced Service Safety available to skin therapists worldwide.

Everyone who learns these principles will become Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified, which means they promise to uphold our highest standards in safety and sanitation. These standards are to be observed in addition to, not in place of, state-board or local authority regulations.

When you're ready to get back in touch, ask your skin therapist if they've been Clean Touch Certified, or look for the Dermalogica Clean Touch seal. It's a sign that your safety is their top priority.

Take care and stay safe,

Aurelian Lis
CEO, Dermalogica

dermalogica principles for enhanced service safety

  1. We prescreen clients and employees for sickness and contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  2. We recommend that clients in high-risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.
  3. We maintain physical distancing in common areas.
  4. Masks are required in common areas. We wear clean masks, face shields and aprons during treatments.
  5. We wash and sanitize hands repeatedly.
  6. We recommend thorough hand washing instead of gloves.
  7. We disinfect professional use products after each use.
  8. Our beds are clean with freshly laundered linens for each client.
  9. We clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces before use.
  10. We store clean and dirty items and tools separately.
  11. We disinfect high-touch areas at least hourly.
  12. We clean retail testers before and after use, apply testers to hands and avoid jars.

These guidelines are used in addition to, not in replace of, state-board or local authority regulations. These guidelines will adapt as science progresses. Full guidelines are available here.

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your safety is our top priority

When you see the Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified seal, you can rest assured that your skin treatment is clean and safe. Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified skin therapists are trained to uphold our professional-grade standards of safety and sanitation.