skin in the game

our founder's inspiring story + guide to becoming the entrepreneur of your life

skin in the game

Everything you need is already inside you

By Jane Wurwand

Founder, Dermalogica and the
International Dermal Institute

Embark on the ultimate treasure hunt to find your authentic self. Jane Wurwand’s sage advice and one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial journey serve as an inspirational roadmap for anyone who has ever taken a risk –  or wanted to.

jane's story

Dermalogica’s story is really the story of our founder, Jane Wurwand. And Jane’s story started with the five most important words she would ever hear, from her mother: “Learn how to do something.” So she learned how to disrupt the skin care industry – by training hundreds of thousands of professional skin therapists.

Within a few years, she began building the number one brand in the professional skincare industry. Founded on Jane’s belief in the power of skills-based professional training and high-quality skin care, Dermalogica would go on to create such demand that The Sunday Times of London ran a four-page article – titled “The Woman Who Started a Cult.”

“This is more than a story about skin care. It’s about living your biggest life, never shrinking yourself, and refusing to allow others to shrink you. Ever.”

- Jane Wurwand

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