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eye care products and treatments to fight signs of ageing The skin around the eye area is thin, delicate and sensitive, meaning damage and signs of ageing appear at a much faster rate.  The skin around our eyes is 10x thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. Your eyesRead More

eye care products and treatments to fight signs of ageing

The skin around the eye area is thin, delicate and sensitive, meaning damage and signs of ageing appear at a much faster rate. 

The skin around our eyes is 10x thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. Your eyes work tirelessly all day and are even moving when we sleep. Did you know that our eyes make over 100,000 movements a day? Every time we squint, frown and smile, the skin puckers causing lines and wrinkles to appear from an early age. Premature ageing around the eyes can add up to 20 years to a person's perceived age! 

Our eyes are also under constant strain from staring at computer screens and devices when we’re at work, studying, or even when we’re just chilling out at home. What’s more, new research has shown that the blue light emitted from our smart devices can cause skin ageing, such as lines and hyperpigmentation. Add to that daily environmental assault or lack of sleep, it’s no wonder many of us suffer with tired looking eyes.

This delicate area is under constant stress and strain, showing early signs of ageing, puffiness, and fatigue. Are your eyes showing the tell-tale signs of stress or lack of sleep? Or have you noticed them become puffier and darker as you’ve gotten older? More than ever before, we need to protect and strengthen the skin around our eyes.

Whether it’s under-eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines from squinting, soft wrinkles from long-term sun exposure or loss of elasticity from environmental aggressors, incorporating Dermalogica’s eye creams, under-eye serums, eye care products and eye treatments into your daily routine will help target and treat your specific concerns. 

Carefully formulated to moisturise, protect and strengthen the skin around the eyes, Dermalogica’s eye creams, eye care products and eye treatments contain advanced ingredients and nourishing botanicals that work in synergy to deliver a lifting and firming action that will keep skin smooth and hydrated. From botanical-infused peptide gels that reduce puffiness, to vitamin-rich eye creams that smooth skin texture, and eye serums that minimise fine lines, Dermalogica’s professional eye formulas deliver on their promise — to visibly brighten and hydrate the under eye area, while minimising signs of ageing. 

potent eye creams, serums and masks for daily use

Firm, depuff and hydrate the skin with our peptide rich gel eye treatment, Awaken Peptide Eye Gel,  that contains an active blend of Caffeine and botanicals. This under eye serum will visibly firm and smooth skin texture.

Dry skin around the eyes is a common concern. For a deeply nourishing and soothing treatment, Intensive Eye Repair repair eye cream targets delicate dehydration lines with Vitamin A, Wild Yam Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. 

For stressed, tired eyes, our energising Stress Positive Eye Lift  is a weekly eye treatment and eye masque in one. This active, cooling cream-gel brightens dark under eye circles to boost luminosity around the eyes. With a unique blend of potent botanicals and actives, combined with the cooling massage applicator, this high-impact eye treatment masque visibly increases skin luminosity and firmness for a lift-like effect.

the best retinol eye cream in Australia

For those who desire age reversal, Dermalogica’s best-selling nighttime under eye serum optimises Retinol’s potency and absorption to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Working in synergy with nourishing botanicals, Vitamin C, Niacinamide and microencapsulated Retinol, AGE Reversal Eye Complex will smooth away skin ageing for refreshed and rejuvenated under eyes.  

elevate your eye care and skincare routine at Dermalogica today

Offering the best eye treatments, eye creams, eye serums and eye care products online, Dermalogica is the go-to for science-backed products that’ll deliver noticeable results. Our professional-grade formulas work to deeply penetrate the skin and bring it back to its best. If you’re unsure what eye cream, serum or treatment is right for you, take our professional skin analysis online, book a free skin consultation or get in touch with our team of professional skin therapists. While you’re here, shop our products for unevenageingacnedryoilydull, and sensitive skin types. 

Eye Creams, Eye Care Products & Eye Treatment FAQs

are eye creams and serums really worth it?

Whether you’re hoping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, target puffiness and dark circles, or lighten and brighten your under eye area, our eye creams, eye serums and under eye treatments will nourish and protect this extremely delicate area with targeted ingredients that provide maximum results. Even if your daily skincare routine consists of just a few products, allowing for eye care products that are designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes is essential.

when should I use eye cream?

The skin under the eyes loses water faster, making it more prone to dryness. As a result, you should apply an eye cream both morning and night. Gently pat a small amount of product in a circular motion around and underneath the eye area with your ring finger, avoiding the lids — this provides the least amount of pressure on the skin. However, it is important to follow each products' directions, with some eye creams only needing to be applied once a day. 

what does eye cream do?

Eye cream is an important part of a comprehensive eye care routine. It helps nourish and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes, reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and dark circles. Eye creams can also help protect against environmental damage like sun exposure and pollution, which can contribute to premature ageing. In addition, using eye cream may help strengthen the delicate eye area and reduce puffiness and under eye bags.

how should I apply eye cream?

Applying eye cream is a simple process and does not take much time to do. First, cleanse your face as usual to remove dirt, oil, and debris that can cause irritation. Then, use your ring finger to apply a small amount of eye cream around the orbital bone — the area just underneath your eyes — being careful not to pull or tug the skin in this sensitive area. Finally, lightly tap or press the cream into your skin with your fingertips until it’s completely absorbed.

why should I buy eye treatment products from Dermalogica?

Our eye care products are not only backed by science and extensive research, but have been rigorously tried, tested and approved by skin experts around the globe. Our mission has always been to provide our customers with advanced vegan and irritant-free formulas that promote skin health, results and address a range of common skin concerns.

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