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Introducing PowerBright Dark Spot Peel, a 15 minute at-home treatment designed to fade dark spots and reduce triggers of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Clinically proven on a wide range of skin tones, including Fitzpatrick levels I-VI, this fast-acting formula was developed to easily integrate into your routine and provide visible results in just 5 uses.* 

*Based on independent clinical study results with 33 volunteers, 8 weeks. 
dermalogica targeted treatments 50ml powerbright dark spot peel

powerbright dark spot peel



Key benefits 

  • Exfoliates to fade dark spots 
  • Reduces triggers of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
  • Skin feels smoother + softer 
dermalogica powerbright dark spot peel

Key ingredients: 

  • 12% AHA + PHA (Mandelic, Glycolic, and Phytic Acid) exfoliates the skin and fades dark spots 
  • Algae Omega-3 Blend improves the skin barrier and helps reduce the triggers that lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
  • Turmeric Butter Blend leaves skin feeling smoother and softer 
dermalogica powerbright dark spot peel

Hyperpigmentation is complicated to treat. PowerBright Dark Spot Peel helps visibly lift surface hyperpigmentation – including sun spots, post-blemish marks, and melasma while also minimizing responses like PIH. 

dermalogica powerbright dark spot peel

Powerful combination of acids and brightening enhancers to deliver effective results on dark spot reduction packed with potent soothing ingredients to provide comfort during the treatment being gentle in different skin types and tones.

dermalogica skin kits and sets powerbright dark spot peel system

powerbright dark spot system

2-step system visibly lifts + fades dark spots

System includes:

powerbright dark spot peel 50ml (new)

powerbright dark spot serum 30ml