your guide to booking dermalogica professional skin treatments

your guide to booking dermalogica professional skin treatments

From breakouts to dry patches to skin ageing concerns, there are several reasons why our skin may not be looking or feeling it’s best. Not sure what to do? It might be time to see a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist -  but which skin treatment should you choose?

dermalogica proskin services

At Dermalogica, our professional skin therapists are the most highly trained professionals in the industry. We are dedicated to getting real results. A lot of people talk about ‘facials’ but at Dermalogica we talk about skin treatments and the difference is clear. A facial is something that is often indulgent or pampering.

A skin treatment is specific to your skin, designed specifically for you by an expert skin therapist - and the results are unequalled. We start with our unique Face Mapping where we analyse the skin in depth and design a treatment that's different every single time because your skin is different every time you go for a treatment. We recommend receiving a Dermalogica skin treatment about every 4-6 weeks as this is how often your skin renews itself. The way a Dermalogica ProSkin treatment differs from others is that:

  • We double cleanse the skin
  • We resurface the skin
  • We do extractions
  • Tailor-made customised massages
  • Masque techniques

With our Dermalogica PRO formulas combined with the latest technology your skin will be glowing, more luminous and hydrated, the best skin you've ever had.

understanding your skin type

Our skin is incredibly complex, and it can often feel as if no matter how hard you try to care for it, you are still unable to achieve the results that you dream of. In many cases, the reason behind this is that the products you are using do not necessarily match with the needs of your skin.

At Dermalogica we have our five-minute, complimentary Face Mapping skin analysis service that will help identify your skin type and the condition of your skin.

You can also contact us at any time to answer all your skin related questions or product recommendations just for you and your specific skin concerns.

choosing the right skin treatment

Dermalogica PROskin services include the use of advanced professional-grade actives in combination with the latest technologies to take your skin results to the next level.

customisable treatments 

Our ProSkin 30 and ProSkin 60 services deliver the ultimate Dermalogica experience, with each treatment step customised to your individual needs. The 60-minute service comprehensively addresses all your skin concerns with a bespoke treatment that includes a relaxing sensorial experience. If you’re time pressed, the 30-minute option focuses on your skin priority. We recommend receiving these treatments regularly to maintain healthy skin.

targeted treatments

Our PRO Bright, PRO Firm, PRO Calm and PRO Clear services are high-intensity treatments focused on common skin concerns such as breakouts, lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Designed to deliver instant results, advanced formulas are combined with tech to boost absorption of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Retinol. Skin is left brighter, clearer and toned. Treatment programs are recommended for best results.

advanced treatments

Our advanced services offer dramatic results for challenging skin conditions and include our chemical peel treatment – PRO Power Peel, available as a 30 or 60 minute service plus the PRO Power Eye Peel treatment. In addition, we offer a PRO microneedling treatment. This service helps brighten the complexion, refine the look of pores, reduce the appearance of dark spots and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

Visit your local Dermalogica Expert to find out more and get personalised advice on how to achieve healthy skin or find your local Dermalogica Flagship Store. Your skin is in safe hands with us.

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