skin: we treat it all

skin: we treat it all

at dermalogica we don’t just blur it or minimise it, we treat it. ​

Skin health expertise alongside professional-grade products and skin treatments is in our DNA and what stands us apart from the crowded skin care landscape. We’ve never subscribed to the idea of beauty, pampering or miracle creams or unachievable ‘perfect’ skin. We believe in skin health for all and know that visible results come from the expertise of our community of professional skin therapists who have, touched, squeezed, needled, massaged and buffed the skin of millions of people.​

​skin treatment expertise

Dermalogica have been training professional skin therapists in every aspect of skin care since 1983. A Dermalogica trained skin therapist is the highest trained in our industry and has ongoing access to advanced training in treating all skin conditions to provide them with the knowledge and skills to offer both professional treatments and homecare advice. Our skin therapists are trained to use advanced pro only formulas alongside tech such as microneedling, LED and ultrasound and can design a customised service to address your individual skins needs. With the Dermalogica FaceMapping technique, your therapist will get a deep understanding of your skin and advise you on lifestyle aspects to improve your overall skin health as part of your treatment plan.

skin: we treat it all​

Whatever skin condition is concerning you, rest assured that our professional skin therapists have seen it before and know how to treat it. We understand that skin fluctuates and is affected by everything from internal health and stress to pollution and incorrect product use. We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge with you to help you better understand why your skin is behaving a certain way and what you can do about it. We build a partnership with you and work together with a treatment plan to achieve visible and sustainable results. From clogged pores, dehydration, hyperpigmentation to dullness, puffy eyes, and breakouts, we treat it all.

What do you want to treat? Find a therapist near you.

professional results at home

Achieving and maintaining your healthiest skin means using professional grade skin care everyday at home. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach with the cleansing and moisturising basics or a more advanced regimen, we tailor your homecare regimen to your needs and preferences. Good skin care doesn’t need to be complicated! To get started on your journey to your healthiest skin yet, check out our starter kits.

As the skin expertise brand, we’re always on hand to offer advice and product prescriptions, contact us today!

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