Firm, tighten and smooth with Dermalogica’s PRO Firm Neck + Skin professional treatment. A comprehensive workout for your neck and face, this unique treatment combines firming, toning deep tissue facial massage with retexturising and replenishing products to leave skin smooth, replenished and rejuvenated.

Is This Treatment Right For You?


Skin ageing is a result of various genetic and environmental factors. In particular, the skin on our neck and chest is often exposed to the sun without SPF protection. This can result in hyperpigmentation, dark spots, loss of elasticity, sagginess or fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with the effects of normal skin ageing and constant neck movement, the skin around these areas are often causes for concern for many individuals. Our PRO Firm Neck + Skin Treatment helps to address these concerns, treating both face and neck, leaving skin hydrated, lifted, firmer and protected.

How Does It Work?

PRO Firm Neck + Skin works in three phases: resurface, lift + firm and smooth + protect.

Phase 1: Resurface

After a double cleanse, our maximum strength exfoliant is applied to the skin. Delivering 15% Salicylic Acid and Retinol in an oil-based formula, it creates a powerful resurfacing experience to smooth, brighten and prepare it for massage.

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Phase 2: Lift + Firm

Followed by a thorough neck and facial massage that targets the fascia (tissue beneath the skin) and muscles, releasing tension that can impact skin’s appearance – think of it as a workout for the skin! This is followed with refining and brightening masque treatments and serums that are infused into the skin to help lift and firm.

Phase 3: Smooth + Protect

To finish the treatment, the skin is nourished with antioxidants and vitamins to help enhance the skin’s barrier function and give the skin a visibly lifted and sculpted appearance.

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To book in for a PRO Firm Neck + Skin professional treatment with your local Dermalogica skin therapist, visit our store locator below.