Address hyperpigmentation and achieve brighter, smoother, even-toned skin with Dermalogica’s PRO Bright professional skin treatment. PRO Bright is a high-intensity, 3-step treatment combining advanced dark spot-fading ingredients, Vitamin C and Niacinamide, to fade the appearance of uneven skin tone right away.

Is This Treatment Right For You?


There are several different types of dark spots; just as hyperpigmentation has a variety of different causes, it can present in a number of different ways.

  • Melasma – this is typically caused by hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy.
  • Sun Spots – these are related to excess UV exposure over time.
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – these spots are often the result of inflammation or injury to the skin, such as acne, deep cuts or inflammatory skin conditions.

Though they are more common with age, everyone will experience hyperpigmentation challenges at some point. Because we’re all subjected to the triggers listed above, people of all races can be impacted by uneven skin tone and dull skin. Up to 90% of people say that their pigmentation challenges impact their confidence – and skin needs professional help to fight back against uneven pigmentation. PRO Bright is the answer.

How does it work?

PRO Bright works in 3 steps to treat the skin – brighten, infuse, and protect.

Phase 1: Brighten

Delivering deep exfoliation, this step removes dead skin, allowing fresh bright cells to come to the surface. It also helps to prepare skin to better absorb dark-spot fading ingredients.

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Phase 2: Infuse

Involves using an infusion device to enhance absorption and penetration of actives into the skin, as well as increasing circulation to the skin.

Phase 3: Protect

The last step of the treatment helps to lock serums into the skin. We use a cooling masque that provides a unique cocooning experience to firm, lift, and soothe the skin, followed by professional-grade Vitamin C Serum application.

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To book in for a PRO Bright professional skin treatment with your local Dermalogica skin therapist, visit our store locator below.