seven ways to maximise your skincare routine

seven ways to maximise your skincare routine

The world of skincare is fascinating. Just like our technology, it’s constantly evolving with new products and trends emerging all the time.

We can’t complain, but with so much to choose from and keep up with, curating your skincare regimen can be confusing. Knowing what products to use, when to use them and how to make them work best is not typically common knowledge.

Keep reading to learn how to navigate your skincare and get the most out of it with our seven skincare tips.

1. Your Skincare Essentials: What, When, How
If you’re starting from scratch, an essential regimen consists of a cleanser, exfoliant, toner and moisturiser/SPF. Aside from exfoliation, your skincare essentials should be used every day, both morning and evening, to maintain a healthy skin.

Cleansing is a must for healthy skin. It ensures daily grimes is removed from the skin, preventing both irritation and congestion. When picking a cleanser, it’s important to look for one that respects the skin’s moisture barrier – all Dermalogica cleansers are PH balanced to the skin, so they won’t strip.

Your next step is exfoliation. This transformational step removes the outer layers of damaged, dead, dulling skin, revealing brighter skin underneath. Regular exfoliation ensures healthy renewal, keeping skin clear, balanced and glowing

To complete your essential skincare regimen, spritz your skin with a Dermalogica toner. While your toner is still damp on your skin, follow with a moisturiser.

Moisturisers work in two ways: they top up and lock in moisture and they also protect the skin's barrier. Everyone needs to moisturise, even an oily skin – it’s just a case of making sure you pick one that’s the best “weight” for your skin. For example. If you have an oily skin, opt for an oil-free option that’s light and hydrating, such as Active Moist. For a combination/normal skin, choose Dermalogica cult favourite, Skin Smoothing Cream and for a drier or mature skin, Intensive Moisture Balance is ideal. During the daytime, finish your essential routine with a sunscreen.

PRO Tip: Speak with a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist for a personalised skincare regimen.

2. Meet The Double Cleanse
You may have heard of double cleansing but could be wondering why. Put simply, double cleansing is the most effective way to get a clean skin. Throughout the day (and night) our skin is coated with oil, bacteria, pollution, sunscreen and possibly make-up. Oh, and did you know your skin sheds a million skill cells a minute? That’s a lot of oily debris on the skin which is why we need a cleansing technique that cuts through.

Your first cleanse should remove the oily film on the skins surface, which then allows the second cleanse to clean your skin, while targeting your individual your skin care needs. For this to be successful, the first cleanse (or pre-cleanse) should be with a plant-based oil or balm, such as PreCleanse oil. Like attracts like, so oil attracts oil, allowing your pre-cleanser to melt away oily build-up before you move onto your second cleanse using a skin specific cleanser.

PRO Tip: For a thorough cleanse, spend two minutes during this step of your routine.

3. Demystifying Toners
Gone are the days of harsh toners that dry out and damage the skin. Dermalogica’s toners have always been about hydration, which is an important component of healthy skin. Along with boosting hydration, Dermalogica’s toners improve the absorption of your products applied afterwards. Once you’ve cleansed and/or exfoliated your skin, spritz with toner, and then while your toner is damp, follow with your serums and moisturiser. You’ll find you need to use about half the amount of these products when you combine them with a toner, meaning they’ll last longer. The other bonus of a spritz toner is that you can use them throughout the day, whenever your skin’s thirsty or needs a pick me up.

PRO Tip: Store your toner in the fridge during the summer months for an ultra-refreshing, cooling mist.

4. Know Your Exfoliants
Exfoliation instantly improves the skin. Once you start, you’ll always want to include exfoliation in your routine. But word of warning, be clear on how often your exfoliant should be used. Some are designed for daily (once a day) use and others weekly (anywhere from one – three times a week). You’ll also find other products, such as cleansers, serums and even moisturisers, may contain exfoliating ingredients – it’s important to be aware of this, so you know just how much exfoliation your skin is subject to. Although exfoliation is critical to skin health, too much can have the opposite effect and wear down the skin’s barrier. Always read product usage instructions or check with your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist, who can advise how often you should use your exfoliant for your unique skin.

PRO Tip: Dermalogica’s brightening hero, Daily Microfoliant, is gentle enough for all skins, even sensitive, and can be mixed with your second cleanser to save time in your regimen.

5. Sunscreen: Your Best Defence Against Premature Ageing
Are you applying a sunscreen daily, even in the cooler months, even when your indoors? Regardless of the weather and the season, we’re exposed to UV rays all year round. UVB rays are higher in summer, but UVA rays, which are responsible for collagen degradation remain the same level all year round, plus these rays and enter glass, hence the need to wear sunscreen inside. A daily dose of SPF should be your number one product priority - not only protect the skin but prevent against the signs of premature ageing. Dermalogica sunscreens a broad spectrum, meaning they protect against both UVA and UVB rays. You’ll also find they’re lightweight and target different skin concerns.

PRO Tip: Cancer Council advises using a teaspoon amount of sunscreen for the face, neck and ears.

6. Targeted Treatments for Targeted Results
Most of us tend to have at least one skin concern, whether that be dehydration, dullness and breakouts to name a few. They can often change over time, depending on your current lifestyle and environment. Serums, boosters and masks all come under the category of targeted treatments. They contain state of the art ingredients to rapidly address various skin concern with proven results. Think of targeted treatments as powerful problem solvers that will enhance your skincare regimen.

Targeted treatments can be easily added into any skincare routine: serums and boosters are typically used daily, either once or twice a day, with masks generally recommend for use once – three times a week. Serums and Targeted Treatments are applied onto a clean skin after toning. Allow to absorb into the skin for about 1 minute, then layer your moisturiser over the top.

PRO Tip: If you experience multiple concerns, consider Smart Response Serum – this next generation serum has four benefits and provides a personalised response.

7. The Power of Professional Services
What we do to our skin every day is vitally important, but what a professional skin therapist can provide in the treatment room can take results to the next level. Along with professional grade formulas, a professional skin treatment may include devices such as Hydrodermabrasion, LED light therapy and Ultrasound, to help achieve your skin goals. For the most impactful skincare routine, look to include regular skin treatments (approx. four – six weeks), alongside a daily, at-home personalised skincare routine.

PRO Tip: Visit the Store Locator to find your nearest Dermalogica Flagship Store.
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