how to: cleanse your way to brighter skin

how to: cleanse your way to brighter skin

Dull, lackluster skin is an increasing concern that can affect anyone. Why? Because dead skin cells and other environmental factors like pollution act as brightness blockers that form a dulling “wall” on the skin and dim your glow.

Targeting dullness can be tricky as an overly intensive approach to exfoliation can harm the skin’s barrier, causing irritation.

The solution: undo dullness daily. Dermalogica’s NEW Daily Glycolic Cleanser allows you to cleanse your way to brighter and conditioned skin – no compromise necessary. This gentle yet effective formula works to unglue and cleanse away brightness blockers that build up on skin daily while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. Your skin will be left feeling super smooth and soft, thanks to the blend of conditioning botanicals found in the formula.

This cleanser’s star ingredient, Glycolic Acid, is known for having the smallest molecular size of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). This makes it effective at penetrating the skin’s surface, where all that dullness resides to effectively remove build-up and leave skin brighter, smoother and more balanced. Combined with a blend of soothing Calendula Extract and nourishing Jojoba Seed Oil that conditions and replenishes skin to help preserve skin’s barrier, ensuring luminous, healthy-looking skin after each cleanse.

Key Ingredient Breakdown

  • 3% Glycolic Acid – Unglues dulling dead skin cells to smooth, soften and boost brightness.
  • Calendula Extract – A botanical extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe and calm skin.
  • Jojoba Oil – Is loaded with lipids that have soothing, moisturising, and conditioning benefits
  • Mild Surfactants – Amino Acid and Coconut Oil derived surfactants effectively cleanse skin while providing conditioning and skin-smoothing benefits.

Your New Daily Brightness Routine

Daily Glycolic Cleanser can be used twice daily, every day, following PreCleanse. Dispense a 5 cent piece sized amount into damp hands and lightly massage over damp skin, then rinse away. Be sure to avoid using Daily Glycolic Cleanser over the eye area due to the active nature of the cleanser and always follow with SPF daily when exfoliating the skin.

For an extra brightening boost, power up your cleanse by mixing Daily Glycolic Cleanser with Daily Microfoliant once a day and follow with BioLumin-C Serum and BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer for your brightest skin yet.

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