how ceramides can benefit your skin

how ceramides can benefit your skin

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Topical ceramides can support skin hydration and help guard against environmental irritants by helping to strengthen skin’s barrier.
Ceramides work like building blocks to help support skin’s barrier – making them crucial to healthy-looking skin.

Skin’s moisture barrier can easily be compromised by stressors like environmental aggressors, over-exfoliation, or the natural skin ageing process. Like a deflated balloon, skin then loses its bounce, vitality and natural luster – becoming dull and amplifying imperfections. There are several different ingredients that can help support skin’s barrier function but learning more about ceramides is a great place to start. Ceramides are an excellent choice, as they mimic skin barrier's natural function and naturally occur in the skin's acid mantle (moisture barrier).

what are ceramides and what do they do?

Ceramides are lipids (fatty acids) that naturally occur in the skin, comprising up to 50% of skin’s natural moisture barrier.

In order to help restore skin’s barrier, we need skin care ingredients that can mimic its function. Ceramides are an excellent choice for this, because they are long-chain fatty acids that work like building blocks to help support skin’s barrier. This gives them the ability to help keep irritants out and hydration in.

why do I need ceramides in my routine?

Environmental factors, over-exfoliation, or natural skin ageing are stressors that can affect your skin’s natural ceramides (and can even deplete them over time), and compromise your skin's barrier. This results in drier, rougher skin, irritation, and visible signs of dehydration. Including ceramides in your skincare routine can restore skin's natural elasticity and moisture, while reinforcing skin barrier function, as they replace lost ceramides within the skin's barrier.

how do I know if my skin’s barrier is compromised?

Since a compromised barrier lets irritants in, you’ll notice signs that could include itchiness, redness, dryness, and flaking. You may also notice your skin being more reactive to products.

what skin types can benefit from ceramides?

Ceramides benefit all skin types, since they help replenish skin’s natural moisture and won’t increase breakouts or oiliness. However, ceramides are especially critical and beneficial for people who have sensitive, or chronically dry skin. Topical ceramides can help strengthen skin’s barrier by supporting skin hydration and protecting against irritating environmental pollutants.

Add ceramides to your skincare routine with Stabilzing Repair Cream  to visibly reduce signs of sensitve skin within 1 week* or Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist  to provide long-lasting hydration with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, by misting throughout the day.

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