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Shop the latest Dermalogica skin care innovations here.

Banish brown spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone for your brightest skin ever.

A powerful, concise range of three leave-on treatment products for the treatment and prevention of hyperpigmentation, PowerBright TRx™ is the product of several years of research on melanin biosynthesis and skin brightening by the skin health experts at Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute.

Designed to be layered onto the skin for optimum efficacy and integrated into any existing Dermalogica regimen, these silky-smooth, peptide-rich formulas work around the clock for the brightest, most even skin tone.

Brighter, more luminous skin starts today.

  • biolumin-c serum quick view

    biolumin-c serum

    brightening vitamin c serum

    A$130.00 - A$210.00

  • clear and brighten kit quick view

    clear and brighten kit

    target breakouts + premature skin aging


    or 4 payments of A$15.25 with Afterpay (?)
    (A$96.00 value)
  • skin smoothing cream quick view

    skin smoothing cream

    medium-weight moisturizer

    A$24.00 - A$96.00

  • phyto-nature firming serum quick view

    phyto-nature firming serum

    lifting firming serum


    or 4 payments of A$55.00 with Afterpay (?)
  • sound sleep cocoon quick view

    sound sleep cocoon

    transformative night gel-cream


    or 4 payments of A$30.00 with Afterpay (?)
  • prisma protect spf30 quick view

    prisma protect spf30

    light-activated skin defense

    A$28.00 - A$98.00

  • breakout clearing kit quick view

    breakout clearing kit

    clear breakouts on the go


    or 4 payments of A$10.75 with Afterpay (?)
  • breakout clearing booster quick view

    breakout clearing booster

    stop breakouts in their tracks


    or 4 payments of A$8.00 with Afterpay (?)
  • age bright clearing serum quick view

    age bright clearing serum

    brightening clearing serum


    or 4 payments of A$24.50 with Afterpay (?)
  • intensive moisture balance quick view

    intensive moisture balance

    ultra-nourishing moisturizer

    A$28.00 - A$121.00

  • blackhead clearing fizz mask quick view

    blackhead clearing fizz mask

    fizz activated, blackheads eliminated


    or 4 payments of A$8.00 with Afterpay (?)
  • rapid reveal peel quick view

    rapid reveal peel

    professional-grade at-home peel


    or 4 payments of A$32.00 with Afterpay (?)
  • redness relief essence quick view

    redness relief essence

    redness-reducing essence

    A$32.00 - A$64.00

  • intensive moisture cleanser quick view

    intensive moisture cleanser

    nourishing cleanser

    A$60.50 - A$95.00

  • age bright spot fader quick view

    age bright spot fader

    brightening spot treatment


    or 4 payments of A$17.00 with Afterpay (?)