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welcome! online consultation portal

what is the online consultation portal?

Our online consultation portal has been created to empower our tribe to do what they do best – connect with clients and share your knowledge and expertise to help them achieve healthier skin from home.

We wanted to help manage the impact that COVID-19 has had on your business. Our online consultations service alongside our affiliate program is a way for you to continue to earn money and grow your client base through the power of human connection – just online instead!

The Dermalogica team will connect you with clients in your area seeking skin care advice, product recommendations, application methods and a personalised experience.

Once matched with a client we hand the power over to you! Arrange a consultation with your designated client on the communication platform of your choice and help them on their skin care journey.

We’re committed to the success of our tribe and our industry and we’ll be with you every step of the way, providing you with resources, training and support throughout.

Keep this under wraps for now, you’ll be able to share this news with your clients very soon, but for now familiarise yourself with this new service.

Remember – we’re in this together!


We know you probably have loads of questions and are itching to get started! We’ve created a portal of resources such as how-to examples, expert tips, DIY techniques and appointment management in Dropbox to help you get prepared.

You’ve been emailed a password to access this information.

visit our resources

to get started

Please complete our secure accounts form via this link to ensure we can credit you in full the $20 consultation fee charged to the client.

We ask that you review our terms and conditions here.


  • How do I host my consultation?

    There are lots of ways for you to host your consultation, really it’s down to your preference.

    Here are a few platforms you could use:

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Whatsapp
    • GoToMeeting

    For more guidance on how to host your consultation head to our resources portal in Dropbox.

  • How do clients purchase a consultation?

    Prior to their appointment clients purchase a consultation via

    The consultation fee is $20.00.

  • Can I promote this service to my clients, if so, how do I ensure I get allocated their consultation?

    Sure thing! We want you to connect with new and existing clients through the power of skin health, as well as grow your client base and support your ongoing sales.

    If you want to promote this service to your existing client base you must provide them with your unique affiliate code and ensure they add this to their checkout when purchasing their consultation. This is the only way we can ensure your client gets allocated to you.

    We have some great social media assets you can use to promote this service on your existing social channels. Head to the resources portal in Dropbox to download them.

  • Do I get paid for completing a consultation?

    The $20 consultation fee will be credited in full to the salon owner account that the consultation is assigned to.

    Payment to the individual that completes the consultation is the sole responsibility of the account owner. Dermalogica takes no responsibility for the disbursement of these funds.

    Make sure you complete our payment form to ensure we have the correct bank account details for you.

  • Can I promote my affiliate code to the client?

    Of course!

    We want our tribe to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Therefore, if your affiliate code is applied to checkout following a consultation you will receive your commission as agreed in the affiliate program.

    Your client will also receive 15% off their order total (of full price products) should they wish to purchase via the website following their consultation and apply your affiliate code.

For more frequently asked questions and information head to our resources portal in Dropbox or contact a member of our online consultations team via email