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jane wurwand commits to FITE for women worldwide!

Clinton Global Initiative

At the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York City, Jane Wurwand, Founder of Dermalogica, committed to help 25,000 women across the developing world achieve Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (FITE).

Since our founding, Dermalogica has helped 25,000 skin therapists find financial independence and become owners of businesses that offer professional skin care services through their partnership with us. In fact, we owe our very existence to the entrepreneurial spirit of our loyal tribe of skin therapists!

In recognition of this, Dermalogica will partner with, the world’s first and largest online microlending marketplace, to help 25,000 women of all trades worldwide access capital through microfinance, helping them to grow or start their own businesses. We know that giving people the tools they need to become self-sufficient is the key to solving many of the world’s issues. Microfinance helps us achieve just that, giving those in need a hand-up, rather than a hand out.

We also know that microloans are sought most often by women, who in many parts of the world live in a second-class status, without access to education or banking. It’s also staggering to think that 70% of the people who live in extreme poverty are women! Microfinance is a revolutionary concept in lending, where entrepreneurs can access small loans to help start or grow a business.

“This initiative is designed to help marginalised women in the belief that women’s financial independence is a key step in creating a healthy world economy,” says Wurwand. “From the beginning of our business, we’ve been an active part in helping women get their start, and now we’re extending the concept beyond our own industry.”

FITE launches in January 2011. Check back frequently for more information on FITE, and how you can take part in helping 25,000 women worldwide achieve financial independence!

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